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About Us

We have a simple mission:   To develop software solutions that we can be proud of.

We're a small versatile team consisting of developers, designers, architects and project managers all of whom make up Krams Tech. Working closely with clients over the years, we aspire to develop robust solutions that will resist the ever-changing nature of the software industry. Using cutting edge technologies and applying our dynamic approach, we ensure that every solution is bespoke and tailor-made. This enables us to build fully working software in a matter of weeks - not months.

By following an Agile approach to every project we undertake, we build software the way it's meant to be built: incrementally and responsive to changing requirements. We deliver value to the client from very early on in the project's lifecycle.

Our Process

We like to work hand in hand with our clients to ensure the project is a success.
We'll be there for you every step of the way providing guidance, support and reassurance.

  • Research & Analysis

  • Design

  • Development & Testing

  • Delivery & Maintenance

  • End of current iteration; next iteration begins

The process diagram above depicts the processes we follow in each iteration. Typically, an iteration lasts for 2 weeks.

Responsive solutions out of the box

We design software to work seamlessly on every device.

In today's world where sales and adoption of smart devices are constantly rising, we believe every piece of software should be built with this in mind.

Our Services

We can help you build great products at competitive rates.
While we do not see ourselves solely as code monkeys, below are some of the services that we offer.


We aspire to build and deliver best-in-class software for each of our clients irrespective of the complexities and challenges at hand.


Let our team of designers wow you with sleek, modern designs to give your product a head start.


Faulty software is money down the drain. We can fix and maintain your existing solutions as well as offer competitive maintenance packages on ideas we develop together.

E-commerce Solutions

Get to market quickly and easily with our various e-commerce platforms. Gain an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Project Rescue

Whether you have an existing project which has stalled or you need additional resources to see it through, we are here to help.


Need an extra pair of hands? We have a pool of great talent at our disposal.

Our Clients

We've worked with a variety of major brands across various industries. Here are just a few of them.

DMC Portal
Hachette Publishing
Rachel Whorton Training
Reed Exhibitions

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